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Nurse comforting mother and newborn in hospital
Tags: breastfeeding, breast milk

Breast milk acts as medicine, and providing breastfeeding support keeps mothers and babies healthy.  Sheila Gephart, PhD, RN, FAAN first became aware of the importance of breast milk for babies while... read more

Kissing bug in Tucson, Arizona
Tags: kissing bug, kissing bug bite, insect bite, allergic reaction

Late spring and summer in Arizona bring blood-hungry kissing bugs and their bites, but doctors say there is no reason for alarm.  A family is sound asleep while... read more

Baby boy chewing on his fingers and drooling
Tags: saliva, chemotherapy, oral health, dry mouth, clinical trials, xerostomia

Most people don’t think about saliva. But imagine your life without it. Everything is moistened by saliva: your oral cavity, your gums, your tongue, your teeth. That moistening surrounds food so it’s easier to... read more