Centers and Programs

The University of Arizona Health Sciences reaches across the state and well beyond its borders to provide health-care education, research, patient care and service for Arizonans and their neighbors today and for the future. The below centers support our areas of research excellence.

Asthma and Airway Diseases: tackling disease origins and optimizing current treatments

The Asthma & Airway Disease Research Center is working to foster and enhance interactions between geneticists, biochemists, immunologists, microbiologists, molecular biologists, epidemiologists and clinical scientists aimed at solving specific challenges in the development of prevention strategies and new therapies for asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Simulation for Healthcare: improving the safety, effectiveness and proficiency of healthcare services

The Arizona Simulation Technology & Education Center provides innovative, collaborative learning opportunities for new students and seasoned practitioners alike, who learn, practice and assess their understanding of procedures in a high-tech, realistically simulated environment.

Cancer: working to prevent and cure cancer

The UArizona Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center headquartered in Arizona and serving the entire state. Its vision is to be the preeminent leader in achieving freedom from cancer by extending and enhancing the lives of individuals regionally, nationally, and throughout the world. It achieves this vision through creative collaborations, excellence in research, and research-driven, multi-disciplinary cancer prevention and patient care programs.

The Skin Cancer Institute (SCI) unites the UArizona Cancer Center’s many skin cancer prevention activities, bringing together innovative research, clinical care, education and community outreach. The SCI is poised to serve as the model for community-based skin cancer research, care, and education in the United States.

Health Disparities: promoting ‘health equity’ for all

Arizona Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) focuses on developing integrated, sustainable statewide health professions workforce education programs with emphasis on primary care and increasing access in Arizona's rural and underserved communities by improving the supply, quality, diversity and distribution of the health professions workforce.

The UArizona Center for Border Health Disparities works to build strong collaborations to improve the delivery of diabetes health care in border populations partnering with the Banner – University Medical Group practices in Phoenix and Tucson, representatives from local federally qualified health centers, Arizona Area Health Education Centers (AzAHEC) and other Health Sciences centers.

The Arizona Department of Health Services reports that 62% of adults in Arizona are overweight. Collectively, Arizona’s minority populations make up 43% of Arizona residents. They also face a disproportionate share of the state’s obesity, diabetes, and metabolic disease burden. The UArizona Center for Disparities in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism serves as a nucleus for interdisciplinary research to facilitate the discovery of basic mechanisms of disease that can be translated into solutions for prevention and treatment of obesity and its metabolic co-morbidities.

The University of Arizona Health Sciences Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion focuses on growing the diversity of the health sciences workforce, increasing the knowledge and sensitivity related to social and cultural factors that influence health and healthcare, and to foster a climate of inclusion where all members of UArizona Health Sciences and our partnering communities contribute to our larger goal of increasing excellence and solving health disparities.

The Hispanic Center of Excellence works to increase the number of Hispanic health providers, enhance health research that serves the Hispanic population of the Southwest and improve the cultural competency of all health-care service providers for Hispanic communities.

Biomedical and Biostatistics: technology and data science for better health

The UArizona Center for Biomedical Informatics and Biostatistics resources multiple centers within Health Sciences to promote research aligned with the key developmental areas: precision medicine, cancer research, health equity and diversity, and population science. With the goal of building a data-driven learning health system, we are advancing precision medicine analytics and providing leading-edge services to translate Big Data science and genomic discoveries to clinical care. 

The UArizona Center for Accelerated Biomedical Innovation (ACABI) identifies enhanced uses for technologies developed by the University of Arizona and collaborating partners that can be rapidly implemented in the clinical world.

Neuroscience: battling debilitating brain diseases and injuries

Brain Disorders affect more than 1 billion people globally. Neuroscientists at the University of Arizona are tackling disorders ranging from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to chronic pain and traumatic brain injury; while also training the next generation of researchers and clinicians. The UArizona Center for Innovation in Brain Science is addressing age-associated neurodegenerative diseases by focusing on delivering innovative treatments of the future for those who need a cure today.

Population Health and Health Outcomes: providing new, cost-effective ways to fight disease

The UArizona Health Sciences studies the health of populations as a whole and measures health outcomes to ensure appropriate resources are reaching the community. As part of this major initiative, the UArizona Center for Population Science and Discovery to develop practical solutions to improve health outcomes, enhance access to quality health care, reduce health inequities, assess cost-effectiveness and ensure accountability.

Precision Health: tailoring treatments to the individual

We're building a world-class program to develop novel, targeted therapies tailored to individual patients. The UArizona Center for Applied Genetics and Genomic Medicine supports health-care providers, genetic counselors and researchers in their efforts to advance precision health approaches for the diagnosis, prediction and treatment of disease, for improved patient care and outcomes and reduced health-care costs.