UAHS Staff Diversity Advisory Committee Lunch Discussion

June 22, 2018 - 12:00pm

I am writing to introduce you to the Staff Diversity Advisory Committee of the University of Arizona Health Sciences Office of Diversity and Inclusion.  Our purpose is to assess and make recommendations regarding excellence in diversity and inclusion in the areas of staff recruitment, retention, and professional development specific for staff within the five UA Health Sciences colleges.  The Staff Diversity Advisory Committee advocates for an inclusive environment that supports the strength, richness and benefits of a diverse workforce in support of the mission of the University of Arizona and the colleges, institutes and programs of the University of Arizona Health Sciences.

The ongoing work of the committee is based upon these goals:

  1. Assess current status of staff diversity across UAHS colleges;
  2. Based on current status, set goals for recruitment and retention of a more diverse, representative staff across UAHS colleges;
  3. Review current UAHS and individual colleges policies and practices to assure that the SDAC initiatives are congruent, and make recommendation if amendments might be appropriate;
  4. Administer biennial staff success/diversity climate survey to inform our work;
  5. Develop comprehensive set of outreach programs and web-based trainings to increase awareness and sensitivity among existing staff;
  6. Collaborate with University and individual UAHS colleges’ Human Resources offices to develop a welcoming, supportive and comprehensive on-boarding module for all new staff;
  7. Again, in collaboration with University and individual UAHS colleges’ Human Resources offices, conduct a brief exit survey or interview with those leaving UAHS colleges to collect feedback on issues of diversity, acceptance, support, and suggestions for improvement;

We held a successful introductory session/discussion at the recent Inclusive Excellence Symposium on the main campus which was a rich conversation and a way to start to collect feedback from the staff of the five colleges.  We would like to continue these productive discussion opportunities, both in Tucson and in Phoenix.  To that end, you are cordially invited to attend one of the following upcoming luncheon sessions:

Tucson, June 14, 12-1pm, Drachman Hall, Room A326

Phoenix, June 22, 12-1pm, in Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building, Room E113

Lunch will be provided, and we hope to have a lively conversation to update attendees on the work of the committee, including a brief review of the benchmarking work we’ve done with other Universities’ health science related colleges.  But the primary purpose is for you to get to know about the committee, meet your college’s representatives and for you to provide information and feedback on your experience and ways we can improve staff recruitment, training and retention, and continue to improve the working environment around inclusive excellence. 

I hope to see many of you at one of the luncheons, but I’m also including (see below) the membership of the committee so you can see who represents your college on this committee.  If you have issues and concerns, ideas or feedback, please feel free to contact me or your college’s reps.

Thank you for your work and support of our students, the next generation of health care providers for Arizona and beyond!  I look forward to meeting many of you!! BEAR DOWN!!

Most sincerely,

Scott H. Reikofski, EdD
Chair, Staff Diversity Advisory Committee  

UPCOMING SDAC Lunch Discussion:

Phoenix, June 22, 12-1pm, in Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building, Room E113: RSVP to Phoenix lunch here


Event Location: 

Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building, Room E113