Harpist David Pavlovich Provides Music Therapy to Patients at Diamond Children's

Jul 8, 2013
 Thanks to the ongoing support of the non-profit organization SHINE ON Tucson, patients at The University of Arizona Medical Center – Diamond Children’s receive the healing power of music, through the soothing sounds made by David Pavlovich and his harp.
For the past six years, Pavlovich has been coming to the hospital four to five times a week to provide comfort to both children and adults.
His custom-made harp, made with a European frame and a South American sound chamber, enables Pavlovich to play traditional classical and Celtic music as well as rhythmic Latin American, jazz and pop tunes. Whatever Pavlovich plays, children and adults alike are delighted and captivated when they hear his melodious music in the hallways of the hospital.
“There are many benefits that can be achieved through music,” said Pavlovich. “It can alleviate pain, elevate mood, counteract depression and promote movement for physical rehabilitation.”
In addition, studies show that music therapy stabilizes heart rates, regulates blood pressure, improves respiratory functions and reduces recovery time from injury.
Pavlovich has dedicated much of his life to serving others through the gift of music. He believes that “when music can bring relief and comfort to those in need, it reaches its maximum potential for good and its highest purpose.” Before moving to Tucson, Pavlovich developed harp therapy programs for Stanford, Lucile Packard and Salinas Valley hospitals in California.
While playing at Diamond Children’s, Pavlovich often incorporates a personal, interactive approach with children. “I believe the harp touches something in children that is actually quite old,” he said. “The way they focus on the music, the stillness and serenity that sometimes comes over them. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I know it’s there. I can just see it in their eyes as they watch me. It is ancient.”
“David’s music is such a gift to the children and families at Diamond Children’s,” said Janey Russell, founder of SHINE ON Tucson. “We’ve received many letters from families expressing gratitude for his music and the comfort it provided them. Music is so important to healing, and SHINE ON Tucson is honored to support David’s music therapy program.”
Learn more about David Pavlovich and his music at www.harpistdavid.com
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