1. "Future-proof” our graduates

Prepare healthcare practitioners and innovators for inevitable changes and new challenges

1.1 Curriculum of tomorrow

Modernize the health sciences curriculum to teach interprofessional, socio-emotional, cultural competency, and team-based skills to prepare our students for a more connected, data-driven world, e.g., design core courses like genetic counseling, health informatics, medical Spanish, and pain management

1.2 Personalized learning journey

Create a tailored and supportive student journey from pre-enrollment through graduation that enables individualized timelines and options to meet learning goals and builds student resilience and wellness, e.g., early declared specialization options, culturally-supportive peer mentorship program

1.3 Interprofessional educational portfolio

Broaden health science degree, certificate, and competency-based offerings to serve diverse learner profiles and solve for future needs for the forecasted health care job market, e.g., inter-disciplinary degree offerings like BSN/MPH, certificate for data literacy

1.4 Minimize the debt burden

Design tuition and loan financing options and provide financial literacy resources to help make health education more affordable and easier to navigate, e.g., debt forgiveness or scholarships to incentivize the primary care pathway

1.5 UAHS Global

In collaboration with UA Global, create micro campuses and strengthen educational partnerships outside the United States to build a renowned network for global learning in health sciences