2. Health, wellbeing, and quality care for all

Pursue health equity by scaling innovations in health care access, research and delivery

2.1 Access to precision health for all

Deliver affordable, accessible genetic screening and counseling to diverse patient populations to provide earlier diagnoses and tailored treatments, e.g., create cheaper genetic screening and counseling to detect elevated risk of Alzheimer’s disease

2.2 Digital health for Arizona

Promote individual and population health and wellness by building out technological infrastructure and digital wellness programs

2.3 Substance misuse and addiction

Develop capabilities to effectively predict, prevent and contain future addiction crises and lead the state in addressing current opioid epidemic, and, e.g., develop early screeners for individuals at risk for addiction

2.4 Rural and border health

Improve the health of Arizonan communities, such as rural, border, and other underserved populations, to create affordable, “everywhere” access and coverage, e.g., strengthen our statewide telehealth program to remotely detect and prevent diabetes and obesity

2.5 American Indian Alaska Natives (AIAN) partnership

Serve as a key regional partner to improve health outcomes, prevent illnesses, and expand health care and culturally-supportive educational experiences for AIAN residents

2.6 Genomic terra incognita

Unravel the underlying genomic causes of diseases and inspire new drug discovery by pushing beyond known, well-studied genes (approximately 10% of the estimated 20,000 in the human genome) to investigate the thousands of unstudied genes