5. Innovation powerhouse

Fuel discovery, development and delivery through collaborative networks

5.1 Tech solutions for health

Connect researchers across disciplines within health sciences and beyond (BIO5, Optical Sciences) to develop an array of technologies and digital solutions with health applications (e.g., AI, VR, mobile apps) while creating structural incentives for innovation, e.g., cross-discipline team meeting in a Design Center to develop wearable sensors for disease monitoring

5.2 Preferred partner for innovation

Streamline the translation from research to entrepreneurship and make UAHS a preferred innovation partner by embracing external collaboration (e.g., with peer institutions, foundations, and companies) and supporting commercialization activities, e.g., one-stop shop for advisory, legal, regulatory and tech transfer services

5.3 Health Analytics Powerhouse

Harness the power of large datasets to drive new research and improved health outcomes by developing centralized sources of health data (e.g., CyVerse, network science), improving secure ease of access to data (e.g., Banner clinical data), and building advanced analytics capabilities (e.g., Data7)

5.4 Clinical trials consortium

Be the catalyst that links health providers and clinical trial sponsors, bridging access between the right patients and the right trials, e.g., partner with innovative startups like Science37 that connect diverse patient groups to cutting-edge clinical trials

5.5 Stronger together

Capitalize on UAHS’s dual campus model by better connecting Tucson and Phoenix through shared programming and assets to drive productivity and strategic plan implementation, e.g., trial specific initiatives in Tucson or Phoenix, based on existing campus dynamics