2015 UAHS Career Development Awardees

PI: Archita Desai, MD
Mentors: Elizabeth Calhoun and Thomas Boyer
“The Hospitalist-based Healthcare Delivery Model in Cirrhosis: Closing the Quality Chasm”

PI: Michelle Kahn-John, PhD, RN
Mentors: Thaddeus Pace; Marilyn McEwen; Terry Badger
“Depression in Diné (Navajo) Adults who Participate in the Diné Hóchxó’íjí (Navajo Evil Way) Ceremony”

PI: Wei-Hsuan Jenny Lo-Ciganic, PhD
Mentors: Kent Kwoh, Daniel Malone
“Using Machine Learning to Predict Problematic Opioid Use”

PI: Jarrod Mosier, MD
Mentors: Charles Cairns
“Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) rescue therapies and oxidative stress"

PI: Eyal Oren, PhD
Mentor: Lynn Gerald
“Assessing the relationship between childhood stress and asthma”

PI: Olga Rafikova, MD, PhD
Mentor: Steve Black, Ankit Desai
“HMGB1 and gender difference in pulmonary arterial hypertension”

PI: Megan Smithey, PhD
Mentor: Janko Nikolich-Zugich
“Defining Immune Control of Human Cytomegalovirus over the Lifespan”