UAHS Tucson: Scheduling Policies

UAHS Scheduling Policies:

Important update: UAHS Spring & FALL 2021 Pandemic Scheduling Guidelines 

UAHS Classroom Scheduling Process - This procedure only extends to Classroom-Specific Spaces. Special Event/Meeting-specific spaces are much less restrictive, allowing you to schedule up to a year in advance of your desired date. Department curriculum coordinators send course requests bi-annually, specifying dates, times, and preferred classroom spaces. Following the submission of UAHS curriculum requests, the UAHS Scheduling office will optimize those requests and provide room placement assignments.  The following considerations are included in space placement between competing demands for the use of space and services within particular groups: date and time the request is submitted, type of use, expected attendance, criteria for special audio-visual, facilities, duration of the program, recurring sessions (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), and availability of alternative space. Weekly recurring academic sessions take priority over one-time or intermittent sessions. Requests for internally sponsored special events/meetings, and outside affiliation events, will be accepted only after the curriculum needs are met.
After curriculum placement, any challenges to room placements would need to be requested through the reservation owner. As always, you are welcome to reach out to these individuals and ask if they are willing to move out of the room for the time period you need. If they give you permission, include UAHS Scheduling so we can help reassign rooms as needed. 

UAHS Scheduling Timeline

UAHS Space Classifications - "Classroom-specific spaces" are prioritized for curriculum, and are reserved in a phased process, as outlined in the Classroom Scheduling Timeline. "Meeting-specific spaces" are scheduled outside of the curriculum scheduling timeline. Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis up to a year from the desired reservation date.

UAHS Space Classifications (PDF Document)

Event Forms and Required Lead Times - A variety of space and resource reservations can be made using Astra Schedule. Using the correct event request form (as described in this document) will avoid causing delays when schedulers are confirming your request. HSIB - Event Request Form is for UA faculty or staff and approved community partners who request the use of the Health Sciences Innovation Building (HSIB).

Event Lead Times

Event Request Form: 

HSIB - Event Request Form

Can Be Submitted By: 

UA Faculty or Staff; Community Partners

Minimum Lead Time:

1 Business Days

Expected Turnaround Time:

Up to 2 Business Days

Direct Questions To: