Academic Scheduling Workflow


This document explains the workflow for scheduling curriculum, meetings, and special events within the Astra Scheduling application. This workflow applies to users who would be considered Curriculum Coordinators or Academic Schedulers who want to make requests in the Astra Scheduling system.

Please review the following key document before proceeding:

UAHS Scheduling Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 Pandemic Scheduling Guidelines

Step 1: Astra Schedule

Navigate to on the browser of your choice.

Log in with your UA Net ID and password using the Log In button or Sign In button (top right of the application screen) to authenticate in the system.

Step 2: Requesting Your Academic Event

Click on the Request an Academic (Credit Bearing) Course button on the Academic Scheduling Menu section of the Homepage:

Step 3: Add Details

Build out the course meeting components.

A. Event Name: Enter the course number and name (i.e. MED 808 - Life Cycle Team Learning or PT 685)

B. Description: This is an optional internal description that is for your records only. Some users enter the room numbers they are requesting or technology that will be utilized in the room.

C. Contact: Start to type your last name. The system auto-populates your name and Customer. 

D. Customer: The college or department the contact is associated with. 

E. Event Type: Select Academic (Credit Bearing) or Administrative/Academic Related. The other selections of; Student and Special Event are used in other parts of the application.

F. Est. Attend:  This field reflects the student enrollment numbers for the course. Schedulers typically include the supporting faculty members. 

G. Request Resources: This button is used to request resources such as Web Conference support or Microphones.

Step 4: Add Meeting

Click on the Add Meeting button, located on the Meetings tab on the lower part of the screen to add Single, Multiple, or Recurring Meetings. 

For further instruction proceed to Create Event as a Single, Multiple, or Recurring Meeting

Step 5: Adding Rooms and Resources

Select the meeting(s) for which you would like to request rooms or resources.

Assign Rooms:

  • Within your academic scheduling window, Assign/Request Rooms by providing the primary and secondary room preferences or room types in the description field.
  • After your academic scheduling window has closed, Assign/Request Rooms by selecting the Assign Rooms button, located on the Meetings tab on the lower part of the screen.

Request Resources: 

Click on the Request Resources button, located on the Meetings tab on the lower part of the screen to request resources such as Web Conference or Microphones.

Step 6: Saving your Event

After confirming your event information, first Save and then Save and Close your event (See Image “A and B”).

A.  B. 


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