How To Create an Event


This document explains the workflow for scheduling meetings and special events within the Astra Scheduling application. This workflow applies to users who have general access and who want to make requests in the Astra Scheduling system. 

Step 1: Astra Schedule

Navigate to on the browser of your choice.

Log in with your UA Net ID and password using the Log In button or Sign In button (top right of the application screen) to authenticate in the system.


Step 2: Requesting Your Event

There are TWO pathways to requesting your event. You can request your event through the Scheduling Homepage, or you can navigate to the Scheduling Grid.

Request your event from Scheduling Homepage using Event Forms

Request your event from Scheduling Grid using Event Forms or Event Builders


Step 3: Add Meeting(s)

There are THREE pathways to add details for your meeting:

Add meeting from Event Form

Add meeting from Create Event (From Scheduling Grid)

Add meeting from Event Builder (Typically for Academic events)


Step 4: Saving your Event

When submitting an event via Event From:

A referral receipt document is sent to the contact’s email to keep for their records. In addition, an email is received that provides approval or denial of the request based on an event approver’s review.  (See Image “A”)

When submitting an event via Create Event or Event Builder:

After confirming your event information, first Save and then Save and Close your event (See Image “B and C”).



B.   C. 

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