How to Modify or Cancel Your Events & Meetings in Astra Schedule


This document explains the workflow for modifying or canceling events and meetings within the Astra Scheduling application from the calendar grids. This workflow applies to users who have scheduled meetings and events in the Astra Scheduling system.

Step 1: Astra Schedule

Navigate to on the browser of your choice.

Log in with your UA Net ID and password using the Log in button or Sign In button (top right of the application screen) to authenticate in the system.

Step 2: Open Events

  • Click the Events tab and subsequent Events link
  • Select on Modify Your Existing Events in your perspective Scheduling Menu section of the Homepage.

Step 3: View Events

The Events view will load showing your events under the current filter. To see all your events, ensure all filters are clear and the My Events box is checked (pictured below, indicated by “A”). You also have the ability to sort each column by clicking the column headers (pictured below, indicated by “B”). If the event you are looking for is not listed, use the filter to search for your event or the event may not be in your ownership. Once you have located the event or events that you would like to cancel, click on the event in the list (pictured below, indicated by “C”):

Step 4: Modify or Cancel Event(s)

Selecting the event will open the Event Reservation screen that will allow you to make detailed edits to your existing event. Here you have the ability to modify or cancel your event.

To Modify your event, proceed to MODIFY EVENT(S)
To Cancel your event, proceed to CANCEL EVENT(S)

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