Scheduling Grid Event Requests


This workflow will demonstrate how to request your meetings and special events from the Scheduling Grid using Event Forms or Event Builders. 

You can request your event by checking the Scheduling Grid one of two ways:

A. Homepage Tiles: Check Available Space (Scheduling Grids) button. 

B. Scheduling Toolbar: Navigate to Calendars drop-down to click the Scheduling Grids button where you will have three options to create an event. 

I. Request Event (image): redirected to Event Forms (see ADD MEETING FROM EVENT FORM)

II. Add Event (image): redirected to Create Event From Scheduling Grid (see CREATE EVENT FROM SCHEDULING GRID)

III. Click-and-Drag (image): redirected to Create Event From Scheduling Grid (see CREATE EVENT FROM SCHEDULING GRID)


Proceed to Create Event from Scheduling grid

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