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HSIB - Special Events & Meetings

To maintain a clean, professional, and technologically modern building, there are fees associated with all HSIB room use (except credit-bearing courses). The purpose of the fees is not for profit, but to ensure that sufficient funds exist to refresh technology and facilities when necessary. All meetings and events held in the HSIB are subject to the room charges listed below - the only room use exempt from these fees are credit-bearing courses. Room fees as listed below cover ONLY the cost of the room.  Extra resources such as A/V support, security, and furniture set-up are extra and charged separately.  More information on additional resources is described below.

All non-academic credit-bearing meetings and events in HSIB are billable. 

Please read the following documents before your event:

HSIB Special Event Guidelines

HSIB room use rates

HSIB Upcoming Event Self-Checklist


To request a special event or meeting in HSIB, you will need to fill out a special event request form on the Astra Schedule website. Please navigate to and log in with your UA NetID and password. From there, you will be able to click on the "Request a Special Event (Event Forms)" button on the homepage. Fill out all required information, and provide as many additional details as possible. For more information about how to fill out an event request form, please reference the Training and Documentation.

For additional information on HSIB procedures or connecting with the Office of Engagement and Events, please contact the events team at