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Prasannarong, M., Santos F. R., Hooshmand P., Giovannini F. J., & Henriksen E. J. (2014).  The lipid peroxidation end-product and oxidant 4-hydroxynonenal induces insulin resistance in rat slow-twitch skeletal muscle. Arch Physiol Biochem. 120, 22-8.
Klein, D. M., Wright S. H., & Cherrington N. J. (2014).  Localization of multidrug resistance-associated proteins along the blood-testis barrier in rat, macaque, and human testis. Drug Metab Dispos. 42, 89-93.
Klein, D. M., Wright S. H., & Cherrington N. J. (2014).  Localization of multidrug resistance-associated proteins along the blood-testis barrier in rat, macaque, and human testis. Drug Metab Dispos. 42, 89-93.
Harris, D. T., & Badowski M. (2014).  Long term human reconstitution and immune aging in NOD-Rag (-)-gamma chain (-) mice. Immunobiology. 219, 131-7.
Andrews, J. A., Gordon J. S., Hampson S. H., Gunn B., Christiansen S. M., & Slovic P. (2014).  Long-term efficacy of click city(r): tobacco: a school-based tobacco prevention program. Nicotine Tob Res. 16, 33-41.
Joseph, B., Aziz H., Pandit V., Kulvatunyou N., O'Keeffe T., Tang A., et al. (2014).  Low-dose aspirin therapy is not a reason for repeating head computed tomographic scans in traumatic brain injury: a prospective study. J Surg Res. 186, 287-91.
Gergen, P. J., Teach S. J., Mitchell H. E., Freishtat R. F., Calatroni A., Matsui E., et al. (2013).  Lack of a relation between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations and asthma in adolescents. Am J Clin Nutr. 97, 1228-34.
Yoo, B., & Pagel M. D. (2013).  Lanthanide-mediated dephosphorylation used for peptide cleavage during solid phase peptide synthesis. Molecules. 18, 3894-905.
Samame, J., Kaul A., Garza U., Echeverria A., & Galvani C. (2013).  Laparoscopic aneurysm resection and splenectomy for splenic artery aneurysm in the third trimester of pregnancy. Surg Endosc. 27, 2988-91.
Robidoux, A., Tang G., Rastogi P., Geyer, Jr. C. E., Azar C. A., Atkins J. N., et al. (2013).  Lapatinib as a component of neoadjuvant therapy for HER2-positive operable breast cancer (NSABP protocol B-41): an open-label, randomised phase 3 trial. Lancet Oncol. 14, 1183-92.
Ma, Z., Liu Q., Yang H., Runyan R. B., Eisenberg C. A., Xu M., et al. (2013).  Laser patterning for the study of MSC cardiogenic differentiation at the single-cell level. Light Sci Appl. 2,
Korovin, L. N., & Guerrero M. A. (2013).  Laterality of central venous sampling: lack of effect on the accuracy of intraoperative parathyroid hormone monitoring. Am J Surg. 206, 883-6; discussion 886-7.
Haring, B., Pettinger M., Bea J. W., Wactawski-Wende J., Carnahan R. M., Ockene J. K., et al. (2013).  Laxative use and incident falls, fractures and change in bone mineral density in postmenopausal women: results from the Women's Health Initiative. BMC Geriatr. 13, 38.
Mazade, R. E., & Eggers E. D. (2013).  Light adaptation alters the source of inhibition to the mouse retinal OFF pathway. J Neurophysiol. 110, 2113-28.
Shackford, S. R., Kahl J. E., Calvo R. Y., Shackford M. C., Danos L. A., Davis J. W., et al. (2013).  Limb salvage after complex repairs of extremity arterial injuries is independent of surgical specialty training. J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 74, 716-23; discussion 723-4.
Yoshimura, R. F., Tran M. B., Hogenkamp D. J., Johnstone T. B., Xie J. Y., Porreca F., et al. (2013).  Limited central side effects of a beta-subunit subtype-selective GABAA receptor allosteric modulator. J Psychopharmacol.
Cardenas-Rodriguez, J., Howison C. M., & Pagel M. D. (2013).  A linear algorithm of the reference region model for DCE-MRI is robust and relaxes requirements for temporal resolution. Magn Reson Imaging. 31, 497-507.
Gamboa, J. R., Mohandes S., Tran P. L., Slepian M. J., & Yoon J. Y. (2013).  Linear fibroblast alignment on sinusoidal wave micropatterns. Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces. 104, 318-25.
Robbins, M. L., Mehl M. R., Smith H. L., & Weihs K. L. (2013).  Linguistic indicators of patient, couple, and family adjustment following breast cancer. Psychooncology. 22, 1501-8.
Lee, M. J., Bagci P., Kong J., Vos M. B., Sharma P., Kalb B., et al. (2013).  Liver steatosis assessment: correlations among pathology, radiology, clinical data and automated image analysis software. Pathol Res Pract. 209, 371-9.
Petrowsky, H., Rana A., Kaldas F. M., Sharma A., Hong J. C., Agopian V. G., et al. (2013).  Liver Transplantation in Highest Acuity Recipients: Identifying Factors to Avoid Futility. Ann Surg.
Mayer, D. D., Rosenfeld A. G., & Gilbert K. (2013).  Lives forever changed: family bereavement experiences after sudden cardiac death. Appl Nurs Res. 26, 168-73.
Deaver, S. E., Hoyer P. B., Dial S. M., Field M. E., Collier R. J., & Rhoads M. L. (2013).  Localization of ghrelin and its receptor in the reproductive tract of Holstein heifers. J Dairy Sci. 96, 150-7.
Rosenfeld, A., Christensen V., & Daya M. (2013).  Long enough to act? Symptom and behavior patterns prior to out-of-hospital sudden cardiac death. J Cardiovasc Nurs. 28, 166-75.
Elofson, K. A., Rhoads S. F., Tang A., Gaither J. B., & Patanwala A. E. (2013).  Long-acting neuromuscular blocker use during prehospital transport of trauma patients. Air Med J. 32, 203-7.