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Merrell, M. D., Nyagode B. A., Clarke J. D., Cherrington N. J., & Morgan E. T. (2014).  Selective and Cytokine-Dependent Regulation of Hepatic Transporters and Bile Acid Homeostasis during Infectious Colitis in Mice. Drug Metab Dispos. 42, 596-602.
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Taylor-Piliae, R. E., Boros D., & Coull B. M. (2014).  Strategies to improve recruitment and retention of older stroke survivors to a randomized clinical exercise trial. J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 23, 462-8.
Hsiao, C. P., Moore I. M., Insel K. C., & Merkle C. J. (2014).  Symptom self-management strategies in patients with non-metastatic prostate cancer. J Clin Nurs. 23, 440-9.
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Boyer, L., Degan J., Ruha A. M., Mallie J., Mangin E., & Alagon A. (2013).  Safety of intravenous equine F(ab')2: insights following clinical trials involving 1534 recipients of scorpion antivenom. Toxicon. 76, 386-93.
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Kupinski, M. K., Clarkson E. W., & Barrett H. H. (2013).  Scanning linear estimation: improvements over region of interest (ROI) methods. Phys Med Biol. 58, 1283-301.
Danilo, C., Gutierrez-Pajares J. L., Mainieri M. A., Mercier I., Lisanti M. P., & Frank P. G. (2013).  Scavenger receptor class B type I regulates cellular cholesterol metabolism and cell signaling associated with breast cancer development. Breast Cancer Res. 15, R87.
Buster, D. W., Daniel S. G., Nguyen H. Q., Windler S. L., Skwarek L. C., Peterson M., et al. (2013).  SCFSlimb ubiquitin ligase suppresses condensin II-mediated nuclear reorganization by degrading Cap-H2. J Cell Biol. 201, 49-63.
Belin, M. W., & Ambrosio R. (2013).  Scheimpflug imaging for keratoconus and ectatic disease. Indian J Ophthalmol. 61, 401-6.
Lee, V. S., Burgess J. L., Sterling C. R., & Lutz E. A. (2013).  Schistosoma mansoni: assessment of effects of oleic acid, cercarial age and water temperature on parasite-host attraction. Int J Parasitol. 43, 837-42.
Talanquer, V. (2013).  School Chemistry: The Need for Transgression. Science & Education. 22, 1757-1773.
Armstrong, E. P., Bakall M., Skrepnek G. H., & Boyer L. V. (2013).  Is scorpion antivenom cost-effective as marketed in the United States?. Toxicon. 76, 394-8.
Armstrong, E. P., Bakall M., Skrepnek G. H., & Boyer L. V. (2013).  Is scorpion antivenom cost-effective as marketed in the United States?. Toxicon. 76, 394-8.
Hunter, W. C., Barrett H. H., Muzi J. P., McDougald W., MacDonald L. R., Miyaoka R. S., et al. (2013).  SCOUT: a fast Monte-Carlo modeling tool of scintillation camera output. Phys Med Biol. 58, 3581-98.
Li, J., Ning Y., Abushahin N., Yuan Z., Wang Y., Wang Y., et al. (2013).  Secretory cell expansion with aging: risk for pelvic serous carcinogenesis. Gynecol Oncol. 131, 555-60.
Mosier, J., Roper G., Hays D., & Guisto J. (2013).  Sedative dosing of propofol for treatment of migraine headache in the emergency department: a case series. West J Emerg Med. 14, 646-9.
Riemsma, R., Al M., Ramos I. C., Deshpande S. N., Armstrong N., Lee Y. C., et al. (2013).  SeHCAT tauroselcholic (selenium-75) acid for the investigation of bile acid malabsorption and measurement of bile acid pool loss: a systematic review and cost-effectiveness analysis. Health Technology Assessment. 17, 1-+.
Stanke, M., Adamowicz L., & Kedziera D. (2013).  Selection of a Gaussian basis set for calculating the Bethe logarithm for the ground state of the hydrogen atom. Molecular Physics. 111, 1063-1068.
Culberson, L. M., Blackstone C. C., Wysocki R., & Sanov A. (2013).  Selective deprotonation of oxazole and photoelectron imaging of the oxazolide anion. Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP. 16, 527-32.