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Zook, J.. D., Molugu T.. R., Jacobsen N.. E., Lin G.., Soll J.., Cherry B.. R., et al. (2013).  High-resolution NMR reveals secondary structure and folding of amino acid transporter from outer chloroplast membrane. PLoS One. 8, e78116.
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Zhu, M.., Zhu Y.., & Lance P.. (2013).  TNFalpha-activated stromal COX-2 signalling promotes proliferative and invasive potential of colon cancer epithelial cells. Cell Prolif. 46, 374-81.
Zhou, M.., Dagan S.., & Wysocki V.. H. (2013).  Impact of charge state on gas-phase behaviors of noncovalent protein complexes in collision induced dissociation and surface induced dissociation. Analyst. 138, 1353-62.
Zhou, L.., Li Y.., Bosworth H.. B., Ehiri J.., & Luo C.. (2013).  Challenges facing translational research organizations in China: a qualitative multiple case study. J Transl Med. 11, 256.
Zheng, Y.. Z., Qin L.., Zheng Z.., Xue W.., & Chen X.. M. (2013).  Assembly of alternating spin-chains with magnetically anisotropic cobalt(II) dimers. Dalton Trans. 42, 1770-7.
Zheng, Z.., Zhang W.., Sun W.., Li X.., Duan J.., Cui J.., et al. (2013).  Influence of the carboxymethyl chitosan anti-adhesion solution on the TGF-beta1 in a postoperative peritoneal adhesion rat. J Mater Sci Mater Med. 24, 2549-59.
Zheng, Y.., Zhang Q.. C., Long L.. S., Huang R.. B., Muller A.., Schnack J.., et al. (2013).  Molybdate templated assembly of Ln12Mo4-type clusters (Ln = Sm, Eu, Gd) containing a truncated tetrahedron core. Chem Commun (Camb). 49, 36-8.
Zheng, Y-Z., Zheng Z., Tong M-L., & Chen X-M. (2013).  Structural evolution and magnetic properties of a series of coordination polymers featuring dinuclear secondary-building units and adamantane-dicarboxylato ligands. Polyhedron. 52, 1159-1168.
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Zhao, Y.., Ehiri J.., Li D.., Luo X.., & Li Y.. (2013).  A survey of TB knowledge among medical students in Southwest China: is the information reaching the target?. BMJ Open. 3, e003454.
Zhang, W.., Zhou T.., Ma S.. F., Machado R.. F., Bhorade S.. M., & Garcia J.. G. (2013).  MicroRNAs Implicated in Dysregulation of Gene Expression Following Human Lung Transplantation. Transl Respir Med. 1,
Zhang, N.., Tsai P.. L., Catoira-Boyle Y.. P., Morgan L.. S., Hoop J.. S., Cantor L.. B., et al. (2013).  The effect of prior trabeculectomy on refractive outcomes of cataract surgery. Am J Ophthalmol. 155, 858-63.
Zhang, J.., & Chen Q.. M. (2013).  Far upstream element binding protein 1: a commander of transcription, translation and beyond. Oncogene. 32, 2907-16.
Zhang, Y.., Stevenson G.. D., Barber C.., Furenlid L.. R., Barrett H.. H., Woolfenden J.. M., et al. (2013).  Imaging of rat cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury using(99m)Tc-labeled duramycin. Nucl Med Biol. 40, 80-8.
Zhang, D.. D. (2013).  Bardoxolone Brings Nrf2-Based Therapies to Light. Antioxidants & Redox Signaling. 19, 517-518.
Zhang, X.., Zhang W.., Ma S.. F., Miasniakova G.., Sergueeva A.., Ammosova T.., et al. (2014).  Iron deficiency modifies gene expression variation induced by augmented hypoxia sensing. Blood Cells Mol Dis. 52, 35-45.
Zeigler, N.. R., Zack L.. N., Woolf N.. J., & Ziurys L.. M. (2013).  THE HELIX NEBULA VIEWED IN HCO+: LARGE-SCALE MAPPING OF THE J=1 -> 0 TRANSITION. Astrophysical Journal. 778,
Zayas, L.. E., Wisniewski A.. M., & Kennedy T.. (2013).  Instrumental activity of daily living limitations and supports in a clinic population of low-income Puerto Rican elderly adults with chronic diseases. J Am Geriatr Soc. 61, 1789-95.
Zarpelon, A. C., Souza G. R., Cunha T. M., Schivo I. R. S., Marchesi M., Casagrande R., et al. (2013).  The nitroxyl donor, Angeli's salt, inhibits inflammatory hyperalgesia in rats. Neuropharmacology. 71, 1-9.
Zalckvar, E.., Paulus C.., Tillo D.., Asbach-Nitzsche A.., Lubling Y.., Winterling C.., et al. (2013).  Nucleosome maps of the human cytomegalovirus genome reveal a temporal switch in chromatin organization linked to a major IE protein. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 110, 13126-31.