• A Healthier Future

    We’re building a bold, distinctive plan to seize opportunities to influence human health and position ourselves as the go-to leader in addressing the global health challenges of the 21st century.

UAHS Strategic Plan

We continue to refine the emerging themes and initiatives thanks to feedback from our faculty, staff, students and community stakeholders.

Emerging UAHS Strategic Plan themes and ideas *

We are currently in stage 2 of our process. We are developing emerging themes and ideas, and are excited to invite our UAHS community members to participate in this very important next step.

1. “Future-proof” our graduates

Prepare healthcare practitioners and innovators for inevitable changes and new challenges

2. Health, wellbeing, and quality care for all

Reduce disparities by scaling innovations in healthcare research and delivery

3. Aging for life

Dramatically improve health, happiness, and quality of life during our senior years

4. Unlock human resilience

Adapt the body’s immune system and other protections to thrive in a changing environment

5. Innovation powerhouse

Fuel discovery, development and delivery through collaborative networks

* DRAFT: To be developed and refined.

We need your input to shape the future of our university.
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Strategic Plan Advisory committee


Progress. An update from the Co-Chairs…

Over the last three and a half months, we have made extraordinary progress.

We’ve mapped the strengths of our university to trends in health science education, research, and care. We’ve developed a set of bold, ambitious ideas. We’ve engaged stakeholders across campus and the community to help us refine these themes and initiatives. We’ve created greater opportunities to position the UAHS as a health care leader and innovator.

We’ve been inspired by the more than 650+ stakeholders whose feedback has helped us shape and improve the plan. And, finally, we’ve stayed true to the guiding principles that will ensure our plan’s success:

  • Creating a plan that is reflective of the entire UAHS community, within and beyond our campuses;
  • Continually pushing to be bold and distinctive to create the best health sciences strategic plan anywhere;
  • Grounding our decisions in facts and centered on our value proposition, our current state and the tremendous potential of UAHS;
  • Making tough decisions to prioritize the plan;
  • Connecting our campuses and partners in our thinking and process.

We are planning the future – together.

Big, Bold Ideas…A message from the Co-Chairs

Last month, we launched an extensive strategic planning effort to create the “vision beyond the vision” for the UA Health Sciences. Faculty, staff and students across the health sciences are helping us create a strategic roadmap to move us to a new level of excellence in education, research and patient care.

Throughout this strategic planning process, we will be setting out clear aspirations for our shared work ahead. In collaboration with the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee (S-PAC), the S-PAC Work Group and your deans and directors, we’ve begun to solicit input from the university community. These early sessions have already yielded emerging themes and tremendous opportunities for collaboration and radical innovation.

Over the next few weeks, each of you will have an opportunity to provide valuable input that will inform our selection and prioritization of big, bold ideas for this strategic plan. Your voice will also help us set a vision that leverages our strengths and broadens our impact on health.

We've envisioned an exciting trajectory for the UA Health Sciences. We won’t stop short of fully realizing that vision.

UAHS Strategic Plan Kick Off

We kicked off our UAHS Strategic Planning process with the first SPAC session earlier this week. Our team is recording the important insights shared from the group of faculty, staff and students during our first meeting. The collective power of this group is astounding -- we are excited to build our future together!

Stay tuned for more opportunities to share your voice, in person, via email or this website. Your voice matters!

Opportunities to Influence Human Health

This strategic plan represents an inflection point for the UA Health Sciences.  We have tremendous opportunities to influence human health through innovation, data science, research and a precision approach to physical and behavioral well-being.  

In order to seize these opportunities, we must also be able to adapt to change in order to address many of society’s grand challenges: finding ways to bridge the deep divide in health quality for the underserved, utilizing the physical, biological and digital sciences to cure devastating diseases, diminishing health disparities and preparing the next generation of health care professionals.

This strategic planning process will serve as our “north star” for a series of mission-based initiatives that will build on our legacy of excellence in research, teaching and clinical care. I’ve asked Roberta Diaz Brinton, PhD and Sam Keim, MD to lead this important work, in collaboration with a remarkable group of engaged faculty, staff and students across the health sciences and UA community.

We can’t do this without you. We ask for your full support and, in return, we promise a transparent process as we reimagine the health sciences at the University of Arizona.

Let’s plan the future together.

Michael D. Dake, MD Senior Vice President, UA Health Sciences

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We need your input to shape the future of our university.

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