User Participation Guidelines & Disclaimers for UAHS Social Media Accounts

screen shot of Twitter account logoOfficial UAHS social media account managers: Please link to the User Participation Guidelines for Social Platforms from your unit’s social media page or profile using this link: (See example to the right of the guidelines posted on a Twitter profile.)

This will ensure that information is current across all of your accounts if these guidelines are updated. Please read and ensure that you are familiar with the guidelines as well. They are designed to set to tone for our social platforms and to preempt and help solve potential conflicts within social media communities.


Optional: You may also wish to post one or more of the following short disclaimers:

Tweets ≠ medical advice

Posts ≠ medical advice

RTs, mentions ≠ endorsements

Tweets, RTs, mentions ≠ endorsements or medical advice