Expanding Education, Research and Workforce Development in 2022  
January 18, 2022

Multiple new health care initiatives will leverage strengths developed during the pandemic and coincide with the academic medical center’s 55th year.

Cholesterol Targeted to Reduce Dementia Risk from Stroke  
January 17, 2022

The risk of developing dementia after a stroke may be reduced by a drug that could help immune cells process stroke-generated, cholesterol-rich brain debris.

Health Diagnostics Provider Quidel Invests $2M in UArizona  
January 4, 2022

Half of the gift will go toward scholarships for health sciences students and the other half will support the BIO5 Institute's KEYS Internship program.

COVID-19 Vaccine Protects Adolescents in Real-World Study  
December 29, 2021

Data from the ongoing AZ HEROES study found that the COVID-19 vaccine is highly effective at preventing infection in Arizona teens.

COVID-19, Cannabis and Valley Fever Lead Coverage in 2021  
December 19, 2021

COVID-19 dominated coverage but research by faculty, staff and students continued to advance health care and make headlines around the world.

$2.3M Endowment for the R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy  
December 16, 2021

The late John A. "Andy" Ware, who credited his pharmacy education for his success, bequeathed a significant gift to his alma mater.

New Family and Community Medicine Chair Named  
December 16, 2021

A fellow of the American Academy of Physicians, Kristen Rundell, MD, joins the college from The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

Town Council Supports UArizona Nursing Expansion in Gilbert  
December 15, 2021

Students will be able to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing – Entry to the Profession in Gilbert, Arizona, next fall.

Bacterial Extracts Could Prevent COVID-19, Study Finds  
December 12, 2021

Bacterial lysate OM-85 blocked SARS-CoV-2 infection by decreasing the coronavirus's ability to bind to the lung cell surface receptor ACE2, research found.

Study Examines Why Asthma Reduces Severity of COVID-19  
December 8, 2021

A research team will study how to better control severe asthma and determine why sufferers are less likely to contract COVID-19, influenza and rhinovirus.

Three UArizona Faculty Members Named Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors  
December 7, 2021

Terry Matsunaga, PhD, of the College of Medicine – Tucson, was recognized for his technological contributions to diagnosing problems in the heart.

Air Pollution Reduces Benefits of Exercise on the Brain  
December 7, 2021

While physical activity benefits brain health in low-pollution areas, it did not confer the same benefits in higher pollution areas, study shows.

Researchers See Benefit to Immune System Following Infection  
December 6, 2021

New research uncovered a way by which infections boost the production and function of naïve T cells, the body’s first line of defense against disease.

Study Seeks to Reduce Hypertension Disparities  
November 29, 2021

UArizona R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy researchers hopes to increase medication adherence through culturally tailored education and other interventions.

Researchers Receive $3.3M to Study Smoking Cessation Program  
November 23, 2021

Researchers will partner with tobacco quitlines and community organizations to recruit participants to receive phone-based tobacco cessation interventions.

Researchers to Study Long COVID as Part of NIH Collaborative  
November 19, 2021

The NIH RECOVER Initiative aims to identify risks contributing to post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection, and approaches for treatment and prevention.

UArizona Researchers Develop Ultra-Thin 'Computer on the Bone'  
November 18, 2021

Engineers and physicians teamed up to develop a wireless device to monitor and protect bone health.

MOVE UP Administers COVID-19 Vaccines in Arizona Communities  
November 18, 2021

The mobile health MOVE UP program has hosted hundreds of COVID-19 vaccination clinics for hard-to-reach populations in central and southern Arizona.

FEMA Funds Study on Cancer Risk for Wildland Firefighters  
November 16, 2021

A new study will measure carcinogen exposure to evaluate cancer risk among wildland firefighters, who are often exposed to harmful compounds on the job.

New Center to Address Native American Disability Challenges  
November 15, 2021

The Native Center for Disabilities aims to improve disability services and employment access for Native youth and adults with disabilities.

Cullen Named College of Medicine – Tucson Alumni of the Year  
November 12, 2021

Theresa Cullen, MD, also with 27 years at the Indian Health Service, VA and U.S. Public Health Service, hopes to inspire others to a “life of service.”

New Compound Provides Innovative Pain Relief  
November 10, 2021

Researchers targeted a common sodium ion channel to reverse pain and saw positive results that could lead to a non-addictive solution to treat pain.

Breast Cancer Treatment Disparities Exist Among Native Women  
November 9, 2021

Native and Indigenous women had a higher percentage of mastectomy and a lower percentage of lumpectomy compared with white women.

R. Ken Coit Commits $50M to UArizona College of Pharmacy  
November 5, 2021

The gift establishes endowed positions and scholarships and expands the History of Pharmacy Museum. The College renaming recognizes R. Ken Coit's support.

Vascular Surgeon to Study Brain Blood Flow and Alzheimer’s  
November 3, 2021

Researchers hope that finding a connection between carotid disease and Alzheimer’s could provide a new pathway for preventing dementia.